☃️Flash Sale for Christmas 2023

AFERIY's Christmas sale on battery systems

AF-P010 800W | 518Wh

£299.00 Â£499.00

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AF-P110 1200W | 1248Wh

£664.00 Â£799.00

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AF-P210 2400W | 2048Wh

£1099.00 Â£1299.00

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AF-P310 3600W | 3840Wh

£2199.00 Â£2899.00

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AF-S400 | 400W

£549.00 Â£599.00

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AF-S200 | 200W

£249.00 Â£389.00

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AF-S100 | 100W

£159.00 Â£199.00

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AF-S60 | 65W

£119.00 Â£139.00

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AF-P010 | 800W + AF-S100 | 100W

£458.00 Â£698.00

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AF-P110 | 1200W + AF-S200 | 200W

£913.00 Â£1188.00

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AF-P210 | 2400W + AF-S200 | 200W

£1348.00 Â£1618.00

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AF-P310 | 3600W + AF-S400 | 400W

£2798.00 Â£3498.00

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🎁AFERIY Gifts for Christmas 2023

Limited Time: Dec 18th ~ 30th

Limited quantity of gifts, available while supplies last. Orders need to be noted: XT90, 4-1, or 5m.

Note: XT90 is only suitable for p210, p110, p310.

AFERIY XT90 ACC Car Charging Cable

Note for orders: XT90

over  Â£999.00

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AFERIY Solar Panel Extension Cable 5M

Note for orders: 5M

over  Â£1499.00

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AFERIYAFERIY 4 In 1 Solar Generator Connector Cable

Note for orders: 4-1

over  Â£2099.00

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